Nick Everhart


I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri.  I was always obsessed with movies.  My Christmas presents were blank VHS tapes so I could record movies playing on TV.  Through high school and college, I worked at the local movie theatre and watched everything that came out.  When I wasn't working, I was writing my own screenplays and dreaming of working in Hollywood.

When I was 21, I sold my first screenplay to an indie French production company.  With big dollar signs in my eyes, I moved to Los Angeles where I began working as an unpaid Production Assistant at The Asylum.

In a year at The Asylum, I worked on 12 feature films in a myriad of roles, including writing, directing, editing, and line producing.  I call that time my "Roger Corman Experience." 

After that , I spent two years in Louisiana where I helped produce five films for the SyFy Channel.  I learned a lot about Cajun food, zydeco music, and an incredible woman who I married five years later.

In 2009, I moved to the east coast and worked in NYC for 5 years where I produced and directed a variety of projects, including the short films Slash-In-The-Box and The Scout and a segment of the horror anthology film Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear, produced by NBCUniversal's Chiller Network.  I also spent two years working as the in-house director for LightHouse Films where I shot videos for the fashion and music industries.

In August 2014, I left NYC and moved back to Los Angeles where I'm currently developing several film and television projects.

My new thriller, SPLITTING IMAGE, had a limited theatrical release last October, and the television rights were acquired by A&E Networks. 

My next film, IMPOSTOR, will premiere on The Lifetime Network in June.


Cinema Squad Podcast - Ep. #72 with Director Nick Everhart