"It's On" by Mister Shake, an emerging hip hop artist whose music is heavily influenced by his Senegalese/African background.  I pitched the concept of an abstract dance video using a blacklight studio and choreographed dancers in glow-in-the-dark body paint.  We tried to create a sexy, tribal energy that we felt represented the feeling of music. We shot on the RED Epic and two Blackmagic 4K cameras, and we played with a variety of frame rates and angles in order to maximize the creative options in the edit.

Video Produced by LightHouse Films

Director: Nick Everhart

Producer: Thibaut Estellon

Production Manager: Laura J. Hill

DP: Bob Blankemeier

Editor / Colorist: Nicholas Levanti

Makeup: Kate Fiore 

Choreographer: Gavin Viano Fabri

Dancers: Tislarm Bouie, Josefine Carlson, Carmen Cudjoe, Gavin Viano Fabri, Rachel Guest, Arianna Rosario